Schlosspark Obelisk

Palace Park

Palace Park – Obelisk

The Obelisk

Obelisk Pond Surroundings

This park pond is located in the upper portion of the park. It got its name after the Obelisk that had been put next to the pond in 1871. It was first fed by the Buchgraben water line and later by the engine pond. The steam engine acquired in 1803 pumped water all the way up the hill to supply this pond with water. The pond was used as water reservoir and water was distributed from this pond to the lower lying horticultural areas of the park. The first water line was built to the Orangery, and a second one was built in 1817. It led to the waterfall by the Leopoldinen temple that was under construction at the time. Only in 1991 was it possible to refill this pond. The Buchgraben water line and the pond's basin had been restored so it held water again. A little path leads through a densely planted forest-like area from the pond up the hill to the Obelisk.

The Obelisk

This obelisk was put up in memory of the wife of Prince Nikolaus III., Sarah Child-Villiers of Jersey, who died at the age of 31. In ancient Egypt obelisks were an attribute to the sun god and it was rather common that victorious warlords put up obelisks to mark their successes in battle (i.e. Cesar in Rome, Napoleon Bonaparte in Paris). Obelisks carry a multitude of meanings: they are seen as sign of fire, of the sun, of princely glory, rational (Free Masons), of male reproductive capability or of defeat of death.