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Forest Adventure Trail – Gloriette

Forest Adventure Trail – Gloriette

The historic forest all around the Gloriette in Eisenstadt has been a popular nearby relaxation zone for as long as anyone can remember. Through the newly designed "Experiencing the forest anew" Trail, the zone has been upgraded a further notch. Adjacent to gentle exercise-and-game challenges, there are also new educational inspirations for young and old alike. This service aims at reinforcing general awareness of the forest, based on the 'International Year of the Forest’.


The trail was designed by forest educator Hans-Peter Killingseder, together with the City of Eisenstadt. The project was financed by the City of Eisenstadt out of funds from the ‘Austrian Programme for Development of Rural Landscapes - LAG North Burgenland Plus’.


The multi-faceted forest landscape can be encountered in numerous ways by visitors, e.g. as an English landscape garden, an historic venue or as popular woods opened for relaxation and sustainable exploitation purposes. Along the newly designed forest trail, visitors can truly discover and experience the forest anew for themselves. Inspired to deploy all their senses - touch, smell, hearing, seeing - unexpected new aspects and perspectives emerge for observers.

Cafe-Restaurant "Die Alm"

The “Gloriette” - a former hunting castle of the Esterházy rulers - is located at the start of the forest trail. Nowadays it houses a café and restaurant open to the public.

Glorietteallee 51, 7000 Eisenstadt
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