Kongresse und Tagungen


Congresses and Meetings

Conferences in Eisenstadt

Small, but exquisite!

Eisenstadt is a perfect spot for small and medium sized conferences.

Planning a conference or a convention?

We would be happy to assist you in your planning of a background programme.

From city tours, wine tastings all the way to a guided stroll through wine cellars, we can put together attractive packages to answer your needs.

Event Locations

Whatever it is, an exhibition,  a seminar, festivals or a marriage.
Eisenstadt is perfect place for all events.

Cultural Congress Centre

The cultural congress centre is the ideal location for conferences, congresses & any kind of big festivity. It offers you:

different kind of halls/rooms which can hold max. 760 persons.

dressing rooms & a catering area.

Kultur Kongress Zentrum
Franz Schubert-Platz 6, 7000 Eisenstadt
T: +43 - 2682 719-1000
F: +43 - 2682 719-1013
Kultur und Kongresszentrum Eisenstadt

Contact person:
Margit Szorger
T: +43 2682 719-1023

Anna Slaby
T: +43 2682 719-3014


Kulturzentrum Eisenstadt (c) Erich Hussmann

KuZ Großer Saal


Esterházy Palace

The historical an spacious ceremonial rooms are still availible today, adding their own unique flair as an exclusive setting for weddings and events.

Then as now, the palace rooms present a resplendent stage for celebrations and events. Esterházy Palace provides a unique backdrop for a fairy-tale wedding, a concert or a private celebration in a historic setting. The ceremonial rooms and palace chapel can be hired for special occasions.

Esterházy Privatstiftung
Esterházyplatz 5
A-7000 Eisenstadt
T +43 (0) 2682 / 63004-0

For booking and further information please contact:

Andrea Schönbichler
T +43 2682 63004 711
F +43 2682 63004 499
Email a.schoenbichler@esterhazy.at

Johannes Berger
T +43 2682 63004 304
Email: ihr-event@esterhazy.at

Empiresaal ©Andreas Hafenscher

Haydnsaal ©Andreas Hafenscher

Kleiner Chinesischer Salon ©Andreas Hafenscher


Orangery, Palace Park

Western Room, Balcony, Oktagon, Eastern Hall:
Accommodates up to 300 persons

Schloss Esterházy Kulturverwaltung GmbH
Andrea Schönbichler
Schloss Esterházy
7000 Eisenstadt
Tel.: +43-2682-63004-711
Mobil: +43-664-6124646
Email: a.schoenbichler@esterhazy.at

tl_files/prospekte-download/ab2015/Orangerie Aussen 2.jpg

tl_files/prospekte-download/ab2015/Orangerie Innen 2.jpg


Gloriette Eisenstadt

Accommodates up to 40-80 persons.

Cafe-Restaurant "Die Alm"
Glorietteallee 51, A-7000 Eisenstadt
T. +43 2682 24 090
Email: diealm@rabina.at

Contact person: Michal Rabina

Gloriette - Außenansicht (c) Cafe-Restaurant Gloriette

Gloriette - Innenansicht (c) Cafe-Restaurant Gloriette


Haydn-Centre Eisenstadt


Room with fire place: up to 40 persons
Loft studio: up to 40 Persons

Haydn-Zentrum Eisenstadt
Joseph-Haydn-Gasse 19
A-7000 Eisenstadt

Contact person:
Anna Slaby
Kulturbetriebe Burgenland
T. +43 2682 719-3014
M. +43 664 612 46 46
E-Mail: anna.slaby@kultur-burgenland.at
Haydn-Zentrum Eisenstadt




Chamber of Commerce Eisenstadt

Large Room: accommodates up to 350 persons

Wirtschaftskammer Burgenland
Robert Graf-Platz 1, A-7000 Eisenstadt

Contact person:
Johann Huditsch
T. +43(0)590 907 1110
M. 0664 6317093
F. +43 5 90 907 1115
E-Mail: Johann.Huditsch(at)wkbgld.at




Wirtschaftskammer Burgenland

Haus der Begegnung, Catholic Social Meeting Centre

Rooms are available that accommodate from 15 - 100 persons.

Haus der Begegnung
Bildungshaus der Diözese Eisenstadt
Kalvarienbergplatz 11, A-7000 Eisenstadt

Tel +43 (0) 2682/632 90 | Fax: +43 (0) 2682/63290-90
Email bildungshaus(at)hdb-eisenstadt.at

Haus der Begegnung

Haus der Begegnung - Saal

Arbeiterkammer Eisenstadt

Event room:
Holds about 150 people
Information: +43(0)2682/740/42,
email: sabine_fenk(at)akbgld.at

Hotel Burgenland

Several Rooms:
For approx. 10 - 100 persons,
Information: +43(0)2682/696-17
email: bankett@hotelburgenland.at

Hotel Restaurant Ohr

Several Rooms:
Acoomodates 10 - 150 persons
Information: +43 2682 624 60
E-mail: info@hotelohr.at


Technologycentre Eisenstadt

Several Rooms
Markstraße 3
T +43 590 10 90-940 



Tourismusverband Eisenstadt Leithaland
Hauptstraße 21 
7000 Eisenstadt 
T +43(0)2682/673 90 
F +43(0)2682/673 91

Travel Agency Blaguss Touristik GmbH
Colmarplatz 1,
7000 Eisenstadt 
T +43(0)2682/648 02 
F +43(0)2682/648 92

The experience Team of Blaguss Reisen Eisenstadt ensures the professional handling of business trips, conferences, events and everything that goes with it.

Burgenland Tourismus
Anna Gettinger
Johann Permayer-Straße 13
7000 Eisenstadt
Tel. +43(0)2682 63384-0
E-Mail: info@burgenland.info